Welcome to the WEB Client Survey!
This survey is to gather information about your upcoming design project.
It should only take a few minutes to complete.
If there is a question that doesn’t make sense or doesn’t apply to your project, feel free to leave it blank. Once all of the information are received, I can begin preparing a proposal or set up a phone conference to get into the specifics.


What's your company name?

What is your first name? *

You are our main contact for this project. Make sure there is only one person who relays all decisions. Multiple decision makers can get tricky.
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What's your direct phone line to get back to you? *

Please include the country and area codes.
Please describe what your company does.

Describe your company, your customers and the products or services you offer.
What makes your company different from the competition?

This is to help me to differentiate you in the planning and design phase.
Please select three adjectives to describe your products/services.

This will help me to find a look and feel for the site or product. If you describe your product as happy, light and young, then it’s unlikely I’d centre the designs around the colour black.
What are your business objectives for your product/service?

What do you wish to achieve? If you don’t know what the goals of this project are, I can’t really help. It’s one thing to design something that looks nice, but another to have that design achieve goals put in place by you. If your goal is to receive more newsletter signups, then chances are I'm going to make sure it’s easy to sign up for the newsletter.
What is your timeline for this project?

Who’s your target audience?

Designing for first time mum or 55 year old coal miners is not the same thing (not unless we’re designing for a 55 year old coal miner first time mum).

What is your budget range for this project?

This is an issue that should be spoken about sooner rather than later. Getting this out of the way at the beginning avoids either party wasting time on a venture that isn’t going anywhere.
Put together a list of websites/apps/services that you are impressed by. They don’t need to be related to your product/service. Provide a brief description of what it is you like about each product/service.

This will give me a starting point. While design can be independent of a client’s tastes, it’s not always wise to rub them the wrong way. It also helps me to see what it is about a particular website or service that they consider to be important. It will give me a good idea of what you consider to be good design and/or service.
Please provide websites of competitors’ products or services.

Let's see what you’re up against. More importantly, how I can differentiate you from the rest of the pack. What are the competitors doing right, what are they doing wrong?
Do you have a specific colour scheme in mind for your site (i.e. “Company logo colours”)? Do you have any previous iterations of your product/service that I can see?

This will help me to understand where you don’t want to go. Try to give any previous work done. It’s incredibly helpful to see where the company has been.
What aspects of your current product or service works well? What doesn’t work so well?

If there’s something that is already working well for you, why rock the boat? Sometimes I come to a project and ready to start from scratch, I might want to knock down any pre-existing product and do it my way. I got to step back for a second and take a good look at what is currently working for you.
How will you judge the success of this project? What does your product or service need to achieve for it to be a success?

This is THE question. If we have no way of measuring my work then we have no way of knowing if my work has been a success. I want you to be successful. Our fates are intertwined. Here’s an excerpt from one of my client’s success requirements:
- "Clearly communicate brand values and service offerings",
- "Empower visitors to sell our services internally",
- "Visitor could explain at least 1 differentiator of our company from the competition"
If this project could only do one thing and do it well, what would it be?

This helps you to focus on one, true goal for the project. It is the MOST IMPORTANT aspect of this project. What one thing do I need to accomplish with this design?
If your product was a movie star, who would it be?

If you envisage your service as being a George Clooney type character (debonair, charming and sophisticated) and I serve them up something that relates more closely to Jim Carrey (goofy, crazy, off-the-wall) then we might have an issue.
What DON'T you want your product/service to do?

Lastly, how did you hear about me?

The responses you have provided here will remain confidential.

By submitting this information, you give permission for ESPIDESIGNS to contact you about it. *

Remember: Even before a contract is signed, you must agree to the general Terms & Conditions of doing business available at http://espidesigns.com/terms - There is no obligation to do business with ESPIDESIGNS as a result of submitting this information, but I surely would appreciate it.
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